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Here we are, one week from the first day of Fall and I am finally getting around to posting about some of things I did this summer. It was a busy one!

coastal view

Oregon Coast with the fam

Here’s some of the sea life we saw:

tidepool starfish tide pool

The anemones look a little gross, but the starfish were cool!

We got up extra early on a few of the days so that we could go out for low tide. These rocks were all under the surf by the time high tide rolled in. The rocks are quite a way out from the beach in the first picture and fully submerged by then.


We went agate hunting, too. They were scarce this trip.

mt view

Backpacking to Meadow Lake in Darrington, WA for our 4th wedding anniversary.

meadow walk meadow lake meadow

The meadows were beautiful! It was about an 8 mile hike with a lot of elevation gain at the end. Worth the views though. Also, the fishing was excellent. I love having my inflatable kayak on those trips.

fish dinner

Dinner from some of the fish we caught while there. Bacon, trout, and potatoes are Matt’s specialty!

moms bag

Of course, a few sewing projects…This is Amy Butler’s Spice Market Tote pattern using Anna Maria Horner fabric that I’ve been hoarding for a while.

This quilt though. Hands down, my favorite project of the summer:

finished compass

Now, while making it I probably was cursing the day I ever decided to do it. Those feelings always fade in hind-site, don’t they?

This was a baby gift for some of our friends, Brent and Zanna’s first baby. The pattern is the Sunny Day Mat from Little Bits Quilting Bee. I was looking for a pirate themed quilt idea and came across this one by Katrina at Needle + Compass. I loved how it looked like a compass and how the ship was the focal point in the center circle. This quilt is extra special because Zanna and our other friend, Kendal, taught me how to quilt just a few years ago. Also, Brent is a huge pirate fan, so I wanted to fit that in somehow. It was important to me that the quilt wasn’t too babyish. I want him to be able to use it throughout his whole childhood. Let me just say, sewing circles together is a challenge and I definitely had to readjust the top (i.e. fold under excess fabric because I’m too lazy to rip out seams when I think I’m done piecing) a lot while putting the quilt sandwich together. The prairie point binding was a new technique for me, too. That was a much more easily mastered skill. It works so great for round quilts. I do love how it turned out! It’s probably my favorite quilt I’ve made so far.

back center detail1

I experimented with some new free motion ideas, too. I added in jellyfish, sailboats, fish, and whales. I also used Angela Walters Free-Motion Quilting book for a reference for some of the other quilting designs. Here are some detail pictures, I just can’t get enough of it.

detail8 detail7 detail2 detail3

Well, I’m hoping for a few more hot days before it turns rainy and cold. At the same time, I will try not to get too excited about pumpkin everything. Here’s a last look at the garden in the peak of summer.



Did I mention how great the tomatoes did this year? Pounds of them.

Enjoy the last week of summer!

frog bud


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