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Now my new goal is once a week posting. I think I should be able to do that. Unless I really don’t get anything done that week and then why would you want to read anyway?

We went hiking to a few new locations this year. I really only documented one hike well, twice. I went there first in late August with my husband, Matt and our friend Zac and then in September with my sister Rachel for her birthday.

Now, why did I do such a good job documenting? Because usually the scenery on the hikes I go on reads like this: trail head, lots of trees, steep rocky trails, more trees, fall down one time, really sweaty people, lake with lots of trees, fish, down hill with lots of trees, fall again, truck. Fun to do, not so fun to take pictures of. The views on this trail however, were great and worth taking pictures of!

Bagley Lakes and Chain Lakes Trail

Mt Baker, WA

IMG_1323Here’s a view of one of the Bagley Lakes. You don’t even have to hike a mile to get here! The Trail starts out pretty flat and starts to climb after you reach this point. We started at the Bagley Lakes Trailhead and continued up the mountain to the Chain Lakes Trail.


A view of Table Mountain. One of many views of it that we had that day.


The view from halfway up the climb to the Chain Lakes.


Now that’s a climb! See that tiny trail down there?


Mt Shuksan and you can see tiny Bagley Lake down there.

Heather Meadows was gorgeous this time of year and if you are in the area it is definitely a must see!


Mt Baker and Ptarmigan Ridge. But we don’t want to go that way, there’s no fishing!


I could be wrong, but I believe Zac is fishing Hayes Lake. We did go way back in August. The memory is a bit fuzzy.


Iceberg Lake. The weather started to get overcast and the temp dropped about 10 degrees. Silly Mountain!


Table Mountain from the lake side.


Heading back out after hitting Mazama Lake and creek. The smallest creek ever and Matt somehow managed to pull the biggest fish of the day out of it. Go figure.


He’s worn out after a full day of hiking. If only we were done at this point. We did the full loop around to Artist Point and back down to the original trailhead where we parked. Yikes!

This is also another more artsy (I say that because of the clouds) view of Shuksan.

We made it out, landed on a goat track of some kind and carefully picked our own way down the mountain. I was happy to see the truck at the end of it.

I am by no means a great fisherwoman, but the fishing at these lakes was really fun! We caught a lot of trout, mostly in the 7″ range. Most of them brook trout.

I am such a glutton for punishment that I went back a few weeks later with my sister, Rachel. The weather stayed nice the whole day and we started at Artist Point instead of making the big climb. Did I say the views were worth it?

The views are worth it.


IMG_1373Mazama Lake

IMG_1374Iceberg Lake in nice weather. Rachel resting eating.

IMG_1375The water was amazingly clear. Nice rocky bottom.

IMG_1376Getting ready to head back. Striking a pose.


Sisters. Missing one.


One last view of Baker.

IMG_1382 View of the meadows.


Happy 20th Birthday Rachel!

I love looking back through these pictures. Right now, as I look out my window it’s rainy and cold. This reminds me of how beautiful the PNW is in the summer. Here’s to next summer! Meanwhile I’ll get ready to snowshoe the heck out of that mountain this winter.

If you’re going out there, be sure to check in at the ranger station and online to make sure it’s open. They close the road pretty early in the fall. And, as my personal Eagle Scout and Scar always say, “Be prepared!”