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Ever since I got the book Homespun Style last year, I’ve been dying to collect some antique teacup saucers and doilies to decorate my house.

Today, my sister Rachel and I went to a few antique stores in Bellingham. We went to Penny Lane and Aladdin’s Antiques. Both places have a really great selection of just about everything. We spent hours looking through both stores. Aladdin’s is known for the tons of vintage records they have in the back. Both places have lots of jewelry, kitchen items, furniture, radios, clothing, and much more.

Here is a rundown on what we found

Many saucers and doilies.

Beads. The bottom four compartments on the right have the beads we found at the antique store. The flowers on the left are from the bead show that also happened to be going on today…What luck!

This really cute turtle tape dispenser. I couldn’t pass it up…

Later, we refueled with some bubble tea from the Black Pearl downtown. They also make a really good Pad Thai.

Then, this was waiting for me when I got home! Liberty Lawn fat eighths from Purl Soho. I am going to make a coin purse out of some and probably just frame the rest, they’re so pretty.