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I am really excited about Christmas presents this year because I am going to make a lot of them myself. Since this is my plan, I am starting to make them this month. I really hope I can get them done in time!

Here is a tutorial on how to make your own cute gingerbread man ornament. I was inspired by the tutorial from my sparkle on how to make a matryoshka doll ornament. I made this last year. It was my first try at embroidery and I haven’t looked back!


wool felt (brown for body, pink for cheeks, vest color of your choice) I ordered mine here and highly recommed it

embroidery floss (white, pink, color to match vest)

thread (white)

seed beads (for eyes, buttons, I used white iridescent)


embroidery needle

sewing needle


1.  Print out pattern. Or you can free hand draw if you have a gingerbread man shape you like. I actually used a cookie cutter!

If you want to print this picture, just click the image to open and then right click it. Save the image and you can resize it in paint to whatever size desired.

2.  Cut out pieces from felt. Cut two gingerbread men from the brown and two vest pieces from your vest color of choice.

3.  Stitch the vest pieces onto one of the gingerbread man pieces with a split stitch.

4.  Next add the beads to the vest for the buttons and to the face for the eyes. I used the sewing needle and some sewing thread for this part. The embroidery needle has too big of an eye to fit through the center of the seed beads I used.

5.  Now add the mouth with another couple of stitches of the split stitch.

6.  Next add the cheeks. I cut out very small circles from the pink felt. Attach with a running stitch.

7.  Now, attach the back of the gingerbread man with a blanket stitch. I used white floss because it looks like icing!

8. I added a loop with a large knot at the top of his head. I placed it as I was blanket stitching around the top and stitched through the knot I made. You can also glue it in with fabric glue as recommended by my sparkle.

9.  Continue to blanket stitch until you are about 1 inch from where you started. At this point, you can stuff him. I added just a little bit of stuffing and used the back-end of a crochet hook to stuff it in the arms and legs. You can also you a pencil, pen, or chopstick!

10. Finish off your blanket stitch!

11. Enjoy!

There are a multitude of shapes you can make into ornaments like this. Let your imagination run rampant!